Rants & Raves: Dec. 19, 2021

Originally Published: December 18, 2021 9:20 p.m.

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- Vaccine/mask crusaders take note: Israel, most restrictive, first fully vaccinated country on earth now reports one of world’s highest infection/death rates worldwide. Recent data from UK shows 63.5% of all COVID deaths were vaccinated. Stop harassing independent thinking!

- Kudos to Editor Tim Wiederaenders for reporting information on the first COVID case in Yavapai County that the state refused to disclose. Knowing that the person wasn't exposed through travel, lets the rest of us make informed decisions.

- Here's a suggestion for all the news networks: stop showing needles and especially ones being poked into someone's arm! I don't have a phobia but it makes me cringe. What if that's keeping some people from getting the vaccine?

- The White House is telling you to not believe facts. Inflation is here, it’s real, and it hurts low-income families and seniors the most. Additional government spending with the BBB bill will not slow down inflation, it will expand it.

- I guess we have inflation even with morgue storage units. Old price $50,000 (early last week), new price $65,000. Supply and demand even in death. The virus will win unless we follow science and vaccinate, mask and social distance.

- I am disgusted. If we had good leadership when this virus hit I'm convinced we wouldn't have bulging hospitals and mobile morgues. From the White House on down, it was always about not making the voters mad.

- This year food prices are up 6.1% from the year before (meat, poultry, fish and eggs up 12.8%); energy increased 33%; commodities other than food and energy jumped 9.4%; used trucks and vehicles went up 31.4%. Thanks, Joe.

- A lot is said about Prescott's precarious water situation. Nothing, however, is said about the lack of drinking water on grocers’ shelves; gallon water jugs remain in short supply, and distilled water is even harder to come by. Why?

- Thanks to Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Brian Kilmeade for taking the right action Jan. 6 in texting Mark Meadows to ask then-President Trump to stop the attack on the Capitol building.

- Ann Sawyer's non-confrontational explanation of our imperative for dealing with anthropogenic climate change in her letter to the editor should be admired and congratulated.

- The idea to triage patients is a very necessary and appropriate one. People have responsibility in dealing with the consequences of their decisions and actions. For the sake of all medical professionals, I hope overburdened hospitals everywhere will follow suit.

- Long ago, God got fed up with humans and made it rain for 40 days and nights, drowning everyone except Noah. Today, because man is ruining His planet, God is using an ever-changing virus to do the job.

- When gasoline is $3.29 in Golden Valley and $3.48 in Prescott it means one thing: time for our yearly gouging by gas stations. No, it's not high because of transportation, property leases, etc., it's high because the owners can.

- That mobile morgue should be parked next to the helicopter pad so everyone on Willow Creek Road can see it. Maybe the non-vaccinated will wake up.

- AG Brnovich wants to purge the early voting rolls. A lawsuit says it's discriminatory. The state claims discrimination wasn't their intention so it's OK. Really? Isn't killing someone unintentionally still murder? Stop the purge.

- Kudos to Community Nature Center, Prescott Unified School District, City of Prescott and especially Ellen Bashor for their commitment to education, nature, open space and our citizens young and maybe not so young. This is a fantastic program! Thank you!

- Prescott has an ambulance problem, as do the rest of the Quad Cities. Frequently unavailable (Level 0) or untimely, the Quad Cities need to get together and put pressure on ambulance companies to provide the patient care residents were promised.

- Kudos to the leadership at Dewey-Humboldt for recognizing the out-of-control COVID spread in the Quad Cities and shutting down Town Hall. One can only hope Yavapai County, Prescott Valley and Prescott will follow suit.

- What do Howard Mechanic’s assertion that Prescott has plenty of water and claims that Santa Claus is real have in common? No informed adult believes either one.

- RE: Rants and Raves – I am amused by the thought process of some of the writers. One person stated with all of the “we are hiring” signs that we need more immigrants to fill the jobs. No!

- Michael Logan’s attempted defense of FOX News is indefensible. CNN and FOX both have a bias to their respective constituencies. However, FOX intentionally and recklessly continues to promote misinformation and absurd conspiracy theories as real news. CNN does not.

- COVID is no hoax. Fully vaccinated (but no booster) and still became quite sick. You don't want it. Get your boosters if you haven't already. Effectiveness is reduced after six months.

- A recent Rant contended Fox News devoted far more coverage to the torching of a Christmas tree than to the Jan. 6 Capitol incident. Actually, the Fox website contains just seven links for the former, 601 for the latter.

- So now the radical right wants to put cameras in classrooms to guard against something that isn't happening. These are the same folks who say speed and red-light cameras are government overreach. I'm sure the irony is lost.

- You don't want the COVID shot? Stop muddying the waters for other people who still want to make a decision about it. Are you an expert? No? Then keep your thoughts to yourself!

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